One game in, one manager down: my thoughts on Mark Robins’ sacking

We all woke up this morning to the shock news that Huddersfield manager Mark Robins has been sacked just one game into the new season. Such as football is these days, a managerial departure or two is to be expected before we reach the end of August, but it has reached a new level of ridiculousness when a club is recruiting for a new boss after just one game.

The pressure was clearly getting to Mark Robins

Mark Robins was under pressure at Huddersfield

It appears on twitter that the majority of Huddersfield fans believe that the right decision has been made and are relieved that it has. Going back into last season the team only managed a meager two wins in over 20 games and performances were poor. As an outsider with no ties to the club I admittedly don’t know the ins and outs of the whole story and if the move has pleased Huddersfield fans then who are we to question the decision. One question does remain however. Why now?

The shared feeling of discontent among Huddersfield supporters is not something new, they have been feeling it since the last few months of the previous season. The board would have known this and if they felt Robins was no longer the man to take the club forward they should have acted then. By waiting until after the first game of the season they have let the wrong man spend money to build his own team, only to then need to bring in somebody different who has less than a three weeks and little money to change things and build the squad that he wants. Another thing to bear in mind is yesterday’s result. Huddersfield lost 4-0 at home to Bournemouth, but had they won the game would the same decision still have been made? Personally I doubt it.

In my mind the Huddersfield board had two options. Either sack Robins at the end of last season, giving a new manager time and money to put his own stamp on the team, or you back your man and give him the summer and a few months of the season for things to improve. It appears that the decision the board opted for was the latter, but then panicked after yesterday’s result and performance and caved into pressure from the fans. It seems a case of the right decision has been made at completely the wrong time.

In the world of football, time is something that is very important yet so undervalued. When a new squad is put together containing many players who have never played alongside their teammates you can’t expect things to suddenly click into place straight out the starting blocks, and this is the case with Huddersfield. You need a bit of time for the pieces to fall into place, for the players to gel together and take on board the manager’s tactics. As soon as results aren’t going their way, fans are too quick to demand a manager to be sacked, they never want to give him the opportunity to improve things. After all, every team has an off day, a poor performance, a bad result at some stages during the season. You can’t win every game and often the best manager’s are the ones who can pick their teams up after a few bad results, unfortunately few are given the chance to prove themselves All too often you see club owners panic and be quick to wield the axe, but nothing changes. Cardiff and Norwich last season are two clubs that spring to mind and Newcastle during the time of Allardyce, Souness and Roeder. Sometimes there is a quick fix, but that’s all it is. It seems that in football, time is important, yet nobody ever seems to have time for it.


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